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Snezhana Skakovskaya


Astana, Kazakhstan



M.A in EU studies: policy offficer in European and international organisations, CIFE, Berlin, Germany (2015-2017)

Alliance Française, Paris & Nice, France (January 2011, July 2011, January 2012)

Applied Languages, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (2008-2009)

B.A. in Translation&Interpretation, L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan (2006 – 2010)

Astana School No. 6 Secondary Education (1996 – 2006)

Professional Experience

Negotiations of military cooperation USA-Kazakhstan (January 2016)

Board of Directors Meeting at KazPost (December  2015)

Development Bank of Kazakhstan training «Financial risks and asset management» (December  2015)

French-Russian and English-Russian  translation for Statistics committee in Neuchatel, Switzerland (November 2015)

French-Russian translation at KazTraffic exhibition (November 2015)

Conference «Parkinson desease and other movement disorders» (October  2015)

Astana Invest Forum (September 2015)

Board of Directors Meeting at KazMunaiGaz Exploration and Production (September 2015)

French-Russian translation at the Conference “ICT in social security” (September 2015)

III Congress of Neurosurgeons of Kazakhstan (July 2015)

National Day of Kazakhstan at the Expo 2015, Milan, Italy (June 2015)

Graduation Ceremony at Nazarbayev University, translation for the President of RoK N.Nazarbayev (June2015)

World Bank’s project on solid waste management (June 2015)

French-Russian translation of a seminar in classifications in staеistics (June 2015)

Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum, Nazarbayev University (June 2015)

VIII Astana Ecomonic Forum (May 2015)

ADB meetings with the Road Committee of the RoK (May 2015)

II International Conference “Personalized Medicine and Global Health”, Nazarbayev University (May 2015)

Norway’s mission to Kazakhstan: meetings with KazEnergy Association, Space Center, KazTransOil, KISI (May 2015)

I Eurasian Congress of Gerontologists (May 2015)

World Bank’s Project on Improving Statistics Agency in Kazakhstan (May 2015)

American Chamber of Commerce negotiation with the Ministry of Economy (April 2015)

OIE’s seminar on Foot-and-Mouth in Central Asia (March 2015)

American Chamber of Commerce conference on Food Security (March 2015)

BIE Secretary General’s visit to Astana (March 2015)

Conference on Emissions Trading in EBRD region (February 2015)

Supreme Court Conference on “Stable legislation as a favourable climate for investments” (February 2015)

Samruk Kazyna Training on Innovations (December 2014)

World Bank missions (October-November 2014)

Asian Development Bank Tranining on Customs Clearance (November 2014)

Development Bank of Kazakhstan training on Project Financing (October-November 2014)

E-Government Forum (October 2014)

II International Traumatologists and Orthopaedists Forum (October 2014)

Rule of Law Platform (October 2014)

“Future Energy” Seminars for African regions to participate in EXPO 2017 (June-August 2014)

USA Deputy Secretary of Energy meetings on non-proliferation with the Minister of Oil&Gas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment Protection and other officials (June 2014)

International Negotiations Tranining at the Academy of Civil Service (June 2014)

International Science and Technology Center Management Board meeting (June 2014)

Rule of Law Platform (May 2014)

VII Astana Economic Forum (May 2014)

“Future Energy” seminar for Caribbean region (May 2014)

West Eurasian Road map meeting on FMD (April 2014)

Nazarbayev Intellectual School Training (April 2014)

BIE Secretary General meetings with the Prime Minister of the RoK, Mayor of Astana and other officials (March 2014)

World Bank Educatiom Mission (March 2014)

“Samruk-Kazyna” Independent Directors meeting, Simulatenous Translator (February 2014)

KazMunaiGaz Board of Directors Meeting (November 2013)

Astana Opera House International Premier (October 2013)

National Democratic Insitute representative meeting at the MFA of RoK (July 2013)

Astana EXPO 2017 National Consultant’s meetings with government officials (May 2013)

VI Astana Economic Forum, Simultaneous interpreter (May 2013)

Ministry of Oil&Gas of RoK presentation, Simultaneous Translator (April 2013)

World Bank’s Independent Consultant’s meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture of RoK (April 2013)

“Samruk-Kazyna” Corporate University meeting, Simultaneous Translator (March 2013)

Agency of Statistics of RoK annual meeting, Simultaneous Translator (March 2013)

Astana EXPO 2017 National Consultant’s meetings with government officials, Translator (February 2013)

Bureau Veritas meetings with Tulpar Talgo, TOTAL, Astana LRT, etc, Translator (February 2013)

Samruk Kazyna meetings with ACFAK, Translator (January 2013)

Paris 1 Professor Training at the Public School of Administration, French Translator (January 2013)

BIE Secretary General visit to Astana (translation for high level authorities, including Mayor of Astana and Prime Minister of RoK, Vice Prime Minister), Translator (January 2013)

UNDP annual report presentation, Translator (December 2012)

Board of Directors Training at Samruk Kazyna Welfare Fund, Translator (December 2012)

Presentation of a new Astana Cycling Team at the Kazakhstan Cycling Federation (December 2012)

Astana EXPO 2017 promotion campaign, Translator, Paris (October-November 2012)

Astana EXPO 2017 promotion campaign, Translator, Bangkok (October 2012)

3rd meeting of the country-members of TURKSOY, Simultaneous French-Russian translator (September 2012)

International Chess Tournament, Simultaneous translation (August 2012)

CAMBRIDGE training for teachers in the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (August 2012)

General Assembly of BIE for Expo 2017, Interpreter (Paris, June 2012)

National Democratic Institute’s visit to the Parliament of RoK (May 2012)

V Astana Economic Forum, Simultaneous interpreter (May 2012)

V Islamic Conference of Ministers of Environment Protection, Simultaneous translator (May 2012)

OXFORD training for the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Interpreter (March 2012)

Expo 2017 Astana Enquiry Mission, Simultaneous &Consecutive translator (February-March 2012)

SIEMENS Cardiosurgery equipment training, Interpreter (February 2012)

Bureau Veritas Technical Audit project, Technical translator (October-December 2011)

Information system development for the Ministry of Health (September 2011)

International workshop on fusion energy, Simultaneous translator (September 2011)

Conference of parties to the framework convention of the Caspian Sea protection, Simultaneous translator (August 2011)

Occupuncture treatment training, Interpreter (August 2011)

Management in healthcare training, Simultaneous interpreter (June 2011)

CASPECO Project Workshop, Simultaneous translator (June 2011)

Kazakh-Korean Medical Forum, Interpreter (June 2011)

VOLVO Top Management visit to Astana, Interpreter (May 2011)

Meeting of the Interstate Sustainable Development Commission of the Central Asian countries, Simultaneous interpreter, (May 2011)

IV Astana Economic Forum, Simultaneous interpreter (May 2011)

Series of seminars at the Nazarbayev University, Simultaneous interpreter (April 2011)

Presidential elections OSCE observation team translator (April 2011)

Soyuz landing support mission NASA delegation translator (March 2011)

National Business Forum, Translator  (February 2011)

Berlinale International Film Festival, Berlin (February 2011)

The fifth ECO international conference on disaster risk management, Simultaneous Interpreter (November 2010)

Media Forum, Simultaneous Interpreter (November 2010)

World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Simultaneous Interpreter (October 2010)

Alstom Transport, Technical Translator (April 2010-present)

Fichtner Gmbh, Shardarinskaya HPP Refirbishment Project, on site Technical Translator (April 2009-january 2010)

OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Translator (September 2009)

Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions, Liaison Officer & Translator (July 2009)

NATO Security forum, Liaison Officer & Translator (June 2009)

OSCE Secretary General, Translator (June 2009)

OSCE 17 Annual Parliamentary assembly, English and French Translator (June 2008 – July 2008)

„Целина“ newspaper, journalist (2006-2009)



Awards & Certificates

Presidential Scholarship, Eurasian National University (2009)

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2008-2009)

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Certificate from the Republic of Kazakhstan Senate (2008)
1st Place – Lomonosov 2007 International Scholars & Post Graduate Conference (2007)
2nd Place – International Science and Education Conference (2007)
Gold Medal Award – “Altyn Belgy” Graduation status from Astana School No. 6 (2006)
1st Place – French Language Republican Competition (2005)
1st Place – International Composition Contest (2005)
1st Place – International Linguistics Competition (2005)

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  1. Kinuyo Fukuda says:

    I am sending this message again as it failed once.

    How do you do?
    We have read your website with great interest. We are a Japanese consulting firm and will likely visit Astana in March or April to conduct an evaluation research on an airport project carried out by the Japanese government. We would need an interpreter/translator while we are in Astana. We would be appreciated if you could let us know how much you generally charge for translation and interpretation work between Russian and English, for a day (or a week) and for a page (or whatever unit you normally use).
    We would be appreciated if you could contact us at your earliest convenience or a few days time at most. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Kinuyo Fukuda
    Gyros Corporation
    Tokyo, Japan

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