Translation at the fair “Education in Australia”

Nowadays the idea of studying abroad is extremely popular in Kazakhstan that is why different fairs concerning education are held several times per year. “Education in Australia” was one of the fairs I translated at.

Education in Australia. Translator Snejana Skakovskaya

"Education in Australia". Translator Snezhana Skakovskaya

I translated for Ms. Gaynor Green, marketing project manager from Adelaide and Mr. Darren Turner, regional recruitment manager who represented Flinders university. There were a lot of people interested in education in Australia in spite of the fact that Australia is too far away from Kazakhstan. Mostly students took a keen interest in medical science, civil engineering, information technology and tourism. Some students or postgraduates had already taken TOEFL or IELTS and for that reason they knew the level of their English. No matter what the result of English exam is there is always an opportunity to take a foundation course and then enter a university.

Education in Australia. Translator Snejana Skakovskaya

Education in Australia. Translator Snezhana Skakovskaya

In my opinion what is also useful to know for those who want to come to Australia to study is that there is a lot of information on not just studying but also working in Australia. It means that a student can earn enough money working either on campus or off campus that allows to cover education fee and other expenses.

Couple hours after we got started our “neighbour” – Mr. Walter Ong – dean, who represented Curtin University of technology asked me to translate for him as somehow he didn’t have a translator. I really liked the way he talked to students: he didn’t just answer to their questions but gave them many pieces of good advice. It turned out for example that there were some specialties studying which a student could apply for Australian citizenship. And what is really amazing Mr. Walter Ong brought with him some information on Muslim culture centers in Australia. It was very wise as Kazakhstan is a muslim country and maybe I am mistaken but some people are afraid to go to a foreign country without having access to a mosque they got use to go to. So in my opinion this kind of information can make things easier.

Our team on the fair

Our team on the fair

One more thing that I would like to mention is the fact that Australian English is differs from British or American English. I can’t tell that I had hard time with understanding but there was a remarkable difference in pronunciation.

I hope the fair was really successful both for australian and kazakh sides. I am sure it is good long term partnership.

Posted on January 1st, 2009
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2 Comments a “Translation at the fair “Education in Australia””

  1. Walter Ong says:

    Dear Snezhana,

    Thank you so much for contacting me.

    It was great that you could help me with some translation during the Fair in Astana. I could not have managed without some of your help. Curtin University is trying hard to enrol some students to study in Curtin University, Perth but as you may be aware our city is very new to many of the Kazakhstan students. However, we are hopeful of having some of your people come and study in Australia.

    Curtin University has been very successful in many Muslim countries and we have muslim students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, S Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iran. We provide Halal food and even a Musholla on campus for our Muslim students to pray on Friday afternoon.

    From my observation, your country is very rich in natural resources and has vast potential for agricultural produce. From my visit and meetings with students and university academics, I come to realise that your fellow students are very strong in the Pure sciences especially Nuclear physics, chemistry and engineering technology.

    I am looking forward to more visits to your lovely country and I hope to meet up with you when I next visit Astana.

    Please take care and best regards.

    Walter Ong
    Dean, International Student Admissions,
    International Office,
    Curtin University of Technology.

  2. Darren Turner says:

    Dear Snezhana,

    It was great to have someone with your experience and professionalism assist me in translating vital information about studying in Australia and at Flinders during the Astana exhibition.

    Without your services, it would have been very difficult to fully explain the details students need to understand, as they consider an overseas education.

    As Walter mentioned, visits to Kazakhstan by Australian University representatives are a new development but one we hope will continue in the coming years.

    I do hope that we will be able to utilise your services again when we visit Astana in the future and I wish you all the success with your translating services.

    Darren Turner
    Regional Recruitment Manager
    Flinders University

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