French-Russian simultaneous translation for Turksoy

Yesterday for the first time I did simultaneous French-Russian translation for the 3rd meeting of the country-members of TURKSOY (International Organization for the Turcic Culture) on UNESCO –related questions.
Snejana Skakovskaya  French translator in astana
Previously I worked as a consecutive French-Russian interpreter and as a simultaneous English-Russian interpreter but never as a simultaneous French-Russian interpreter. There is always first time, as they say. Plus I also worked with the Astana Mayor’s office on the UNESCO-related issues so I was more or less prepared.
Most of the speeches were held in Russian, so my main translation was Russian-French: speeches were delivered on the natural, tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the world. Representatives of different Turkic countries (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, republics of Saha, Tatarstan and others) spoke of historical monuments, manuscripts, legends, traditional music and songs of their countries and the ways to preserve this heritage.
There was a speech from the French scientist M.Fischler who shared his impressions and thoughts on his visits to the mausoleum of Khodja Achmed Yassawi in Kazakhstan, he also touched upon the works of two prominent scientists and philosophers such as Al Farabi and Yasawi. This speech I translated from French to Russian.
The conference continued on the next day where I combined the knowledge of both French and English because eventhough the main translation was Russian-French, one of the speeches was delivered in English and I had to quickly “switch” languages in my head. I worked at the session where participants discussed how the countries can preserve the documentary heritage, such as manuscripts, legends and historical books and works. The collaboration in this area is especially important because not all the works of a scientist are kept in one country, sometimes they are scattered around many countries and without helping each other the countries might lose the heritage altogether.
I was very happy to have this opportunity to try myself in simultaneous French-Russian translation and it seems that it didn’t go bad at all so I will be even happier to continue!

Posted on September 24th, 2012
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